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Iranian Natural Stone Iranian Natural Stone Iranian Natural Stone Iranian Natural Stone Iranian Natural Stone
Farshid Kondori

Managing Director

Foroogh Sorkhab

Financial Manager

Mahmood Lachinani


Safar Bahrami

Sales Manager



All kinds of building stones, facade stone and Iranian Natural stone

Farshid KondoriKarino stone co. is an international Iranian Natural stone provider company consisted of experts who have long been in building stone production, processing and trading business. We firmly believe that a good marketer should be a good consultant at the same time which results in customer’s satisfaction as well as a good remembrance. Building stone is one of the most important materials in construction industry.

the main concern of a constructor is how to choose a proper stone as well as designing and implementing the project. The company has always been trying to meet the customers need by forming different groups of consultants, designers and stonemasons. The product department of Karino Stone would be able to produce and offer different kinds of Iranian Natural stones with the highest quality in tile & slab shape in 2 individual production line through the most equipped machineries and UV technology.

The high knowledge of the consulting department of Karino stone in chemical and physical analyzes and expertise in color recognition and usage of different stones in different architectural styles will provide proper offers which suit the taste and budget of the clients. With a brilliant reputation & along with the best stone industries in the world, Karino Stone has managed so far to exports its products to more than 23 countries and has several sales representative in Russia, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan. As a result of a continuous efforts & in order to improve the level of technology & in compliance with international standards, the company has obtained ISO 9001,2008 certificates.

Managing Director
  Farshid Kondori

Mohammad KarbalaeizadehFor more efficiency, each department of an organization needs some features in the work area.

Staff's professional connections and communications in different sections, as one of the main parts of an organization is the most important factor in order to achieve the interior goals and then in the next level, the company will benefit from it. staffs and managers of Karino stone should be aware of their duty, acts and each other benefits. In an organization, the staff's activity-method area and their duty and getting the reports of current affairs must be clear and it should always be evaluated by competent individuals.

the managers should use the staff potencies to improve the organization and correct the process. With its professional and experienced team, Karino Stone is trying to gain the satisfaction of the customers and make every day better. We hope that we can meet our customers demand in providing the Iranian Natural Stones.

 Financial Manager
  Mohammad Karbalaeizadeh

Mahmood LachinaniIt’s such an honor to announce that Karino Stone expert designers and experienced specialists will accompany the customers in the whole process; from the starting point of an idea to create a beautiful and glorious smile of satisfaction; which results in costs reduction for the customers.

In addition to the design & execution dept.

Karino Stone has dedicated a showroom area to the spectacular collection of building stones samples to diminish the client concerns and confusion in choosing their desired kind of Iranian Natural stone.

With having experienced specialists & advanced industrial machinery, the subset production units of Karino Stone are able to produce different kinds of building stones & stone tools to execute the classic & modern masonries in high quality which is consistent with the desired design.

In this respect, all stages of design, production and implementation will be subject to a complete and coherent set.

     Chief Architect
Mahmoud Lachinani

The sales expert duty is not only increasing sales of an enterprise but also is providing expert consultations to the customers, analysis of the market data & the development of educational programs.

In Karino Stone we believe that a sales expert must work ethic and have sufficient expertise to provide a best offer which suits the tastes, needs and budget of the customers.

By having a full knowledge of the Iranian Natural stone analysis Karino Stone experts would be able to specify the use of each kind of building stone.

we believe that the sale is not the end of the process but it’s the beginning of a transaction. due to the close connection to other parts of the company, the sale manager would track customers order till the last step of delivery to obtain the satisfaction of the customer.

      Sales Manager

Iranian Natural Stone

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